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Updates Re: Psychotherapy

Many of our members have expressed concern about the potential changes to remuneration for physician-delivered psychotherapy through OHIP and wish to help. There have also been requests about accessing more information for the evidence supporting the value of long-term psychotherapy. Below are pertinent resources.


If you feel comfortable connecting with politicians, you can contact your local conservative MPP and/or the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

Contact information for MPPs can be found at:

Minister Christine Elliott can be reached at

To help track action e-mails, consider copying your message to:

Letter template

There is also an online petition available at: Although there is a request for money for those who wish to contribute financially, it is not a requirement and it will still send your message even if no payment is made.


Canadian Resources


There was an opinion article by Norman Doidge (see link below) in The Globe and Mail on April 6, 2019 about the importance of continuing full OHIP coverage for long-term psychotherapy.

If you support this cause, you may wish to consider disseminating the article through your networks, providing positive feedback on it via social media or via the article’s comment section, and/or having a copy of it available in your waiting room.

For my update to the American Psychiatric Association on this issue, you can go to:

OMA Committee to Preserve Publicly-Funded, Physician-Delivered Psychotherapy

a) a summary from the Committee, and

b) a brief literature summary.

Patient Advocacy Tools
Patient Information Sheet 
(It is in Word format for ease of adaptation to your specifications. ) The legal department of the OMA indicated that physicians can leave materials in waiting rooms to ask for advocacy.  There is also no policy at the CPSO prohibiting such action.  What and how to discuss this matter with patients depends on your clinical judgement with each individual patient.  At this point, it is important for the MOHLTC to hear from patients.  There have been lots of e-mails from psychiatrists.
Patient Web site
There is also a Web page on the Patient Information Sheet where patients can sign up to receive further updates and ideas.
MPP Template for e-mailing MPPs which can also be placed in the waiting room.

US Resources

Clinical Necessity Guidelines for Psychotherapy from the Coalition for Psychotherapy Parity

Those who are interested in learning more about the Coalition can go to:

If you have questions regarding the above, please contact us at:

Dr. Renata M. Villela, MD, FRCPC
Ontario District Branch of the APA

Workgroup of Physician Well-being and Burnout

This Workgroup, chaired by Richard Summers, MD, meets monthly by phone and met in person at the APA Annual Meeting. In October 2017, the workgroup launched a website,, that includes an online self-assessment tool and well-being resources. Today, the self-assessment tool, which provides a real-time comparison to other physicians on the burnout and depression scale, has received over 900 responses.

The Workgroup is currently analyzing the collected well-being and burnout data to identify factors associated with burnout.

The Workgroup has also created a free Toolkit to help physicians advocate for systemic interventions for wellbeing in their home institution or organization; this Toolkit was launched in January 2018 and is hosted on the well-being website.